a sparkling moment


The beauty and quality of your work is related to your connection to your inner world. If you do that, and you persist through discouragement, through days of disappointing results, you will do some powerful work.

The journey requires a belief in the beauty within. That belief needs to be nurtured. It is about linking the inner beauty with the beauty and mystery of the larger existence, and using one to serve the other. One feeds the other.

…….Roderick MacIver

in these days of much-needed kindnesses, may we remember that beauty has a vital space within all of our misgivings, all of our worries, all of the ceaseless movement of our lives…….may we see the nuances of this amazing beauty around us….

Psychologist and writer James Hillman has said that beauty reveals the soul’s essence and is the principal food of the soul. In the presence of beauty our questions of meaning and purpose can be put to rest. Healing occurs because beauty is meaning and purpose can be put to rest. Healing occurs because beauty is meaning or as Keats said, “truth.” It connects us with the higher ordering of reality, the structure of the universe and the earth, which includes ourselves. Even, or especially, at times of crisis, if we can experience beauty, feelings of love and gratitude are not far behind…..Maureen Draper

the exquisite discovery

Everything that is beautiful is orderly, and there can be no order unless things are in their right relation to each other. Of this right relation throughout the world beauty is born….Robert Henri


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