fire light


We get quiet for a moment in meditation. We sink down to a relaxedness, a calmness, abruptly free from all the crazy dreams we confuse with reality. And in that instant, by mistake maybe, or because we aren’t thinking to stop it from happening—we experience, in a flash, with heat, things as they really are….William R. S.

the self purification of soul fire simply happens….some days it feels like floating away on blue balloons…..other days it feels like hot coals along every path…..we are resplendent in our changling ways….

An extraordinary unitive vision of the world as animated by divine spirit-fire, is found in the works of Jacob Boehme, the great 17th century German mystic, an uneducated shoemaker whose transcendental visions had a profound influence on subsequent European philosophy and theology. Boehme’s mystical insight was that all of life, all creation, all matter, all opposites, come from and are based in a kind of primal ground, which he himself likened to the Hermetic ideas of primordial chaos, the prima materia. It is a conception similar in some respects to the Chinese Tao, the Buddhist Void, and the Hindu Brahman. The unique aspect of Boehme’s formulation is in the fact that he called this primal ground a fire: “The Burning Fire is a manifestation of Life and Divine Love, through which Divine Love, as unifying principle, over-enflames and sharpens itself as the fiery aspect of the power of God. This ground is called the Great Mystery or Chaos, from which originates evil and good, light and darkness, life and death, joy and suffering, salvation and damnation- for it is ground of souls and angels and all eternal creatures, the good and the evil, ground of heaven and hell and the visible world, including everything existing-since all come from that one source-ground.” We have a vision of ultimate reality, of God and the universe, that in contrast to most other formulations is much more dynamic: a unified field of all-encompassing fire energy that provides the ground-matrix of the known and unknown universe. In Boehme’s vision, this primal fire ground precedes all the divisions into the dualities of spirit and nature, physical and metaphysical, good and evil, light and darkness- and in it all these dualities and separations will, in the end, be resolved……Ralph Metzner

within the mystic

As the crust of the outer nature cracks, as the walls of inner separation break down, the inner light gets through, the inner fire burns in the heart, the substance of the nature and the stuff of consciousness refine to a greater subtlety and purity, and deeper psychic experiences become possible. The soul begins to unveil itself and manifests itself as the central being which upholds mind and life and body…..Sri Aurobindo


2 thoughts on “fire light

  1. Fire is a prime cause of creation – on a cold night in New Paltz many years ago I had a revelation (at least for that time) about Prometheus – Man took the fire, and there was hell to pay … electric fire has built our world , but in so many ways it now consumes us. May the sacred fire that lives behind the Sun warm your heart always …

    • the power of circles around a fire is strong as well……and how hypnotic… in the belly…fire in the heart… in the eyes… in the soul……

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