who we are


Ah, we compute the years and divide them here and there and stop and begin and hesitate between both. But how of one piece is everything we encounter, how related one thing to the next, how it gives birth to itself and grows up and is educated in its own nature, and all we basically have to do is to be, but simply, earnestly, the way the earth simply is and gives her consent to the seasons, to be as the earth, bright and dark and whole in space, not asking to rest upon anything other than the net of influences and forces in which the stars feel secure. Ah, the knowledge will be there when it is needed…..Rilke

this tough grain of skin we live in is equipped for living, for sudden experiences that are larger than we can know…..we are invited again and again to care for the darker hours with the trust of skin and bone and heart….

When I live deep enough there is only one direction. When there, briefly, the world overcomes me and I feel a vibrancy in common with all times and places. When I lose it, I am trouble, frantic to be big. When I find it or it finds me, I am humbled into the peace of being a small part of something indescribable. Everyone struggles with this to and fro of spiritual clarity. For much of our trouble comes from not being able to find our way back to the Great Whisper That Calms. Inevitably, experience throws us into the world. It invigorates and stretches us. It breaks us down. And if we can find our way, inner attention and love, which is the work of all practice, puts us back together. Such attention and love takes the pieces that are us and reintegrates who we are…….Mark Nepo

moving toward resiliency

Anxiety comes from not being able to know the world

you’re in, not being able to orient yourself in your own existence.

….Rollo May

4 thoughts on “who we are

  1. We descend into this miasma of being, many say with an intent, or a knowledge of the paths and choices we could make. As fearsome as they appear the soul descends regardless:
    But always God speaks at the end:
    ‘One thought in agony of strife
    The bravest would have by for friend,
    The memory that he chose the life;
    But the pure fate to which you go
    Admits no memory of choice,
    Or the woe were not earthly woe
    To which you give the assenting voice.’
    Robert Frost – Trial By Existence

    • like a tiny gift tucked into a dream……a kind of sacred trust in the power we cannot control……blessings within the storms of springtime g.f.s….

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