a kinder way to be


The way is not in the sky,
the way is in the heart.
For the traveler who knows his direction,
there is always a favorable wind.
…..Stuart Avery Gold

riding the wave of a daydream or a journey to its end may be the wisest and most profound way to live fully into our most expansive inner realm….the one that we were meant to know, but have forgotten through tiny smallnesses…..may the tiny nibs grow into stones of soft and supple, steadfast and smooth inner wisdom….

Magical journeys lead you to places you couldn’t imagine when you set out. Most journeys end where you start from, but the real destination is the broadening of your horizons, of your concept of the potential of life. Magical journeys have to do with the discovery of something inside, in your inner world. You leave on a magical journey because if you don’t, you know you’ll be turning your back on life in some important way. If you don’t, life will be more about limits, obligations and paying bills- the Wasteland- and less about wonder and exploration. Life will be more about waiting for the end of the movie of life, and less about enjoying, reveling in, the experience of being truly alive in a wondrous world.

…..Roderick MacIver

feeling space within breath

Noticing the space around people and things
provides a different way of looking at them,
and developing this spacious view
is a way of opening oneself.
When one has a spacious mind,
there is room for everything.
…..Ajahn Sumedho

2 thoughts on “a kinder way to be

  1. One ship sails East,
    And another West,
    By the self-same winds that blow,
    ‘Tis the set of the sails
    And not the gales,
    That tells the way we go.

    – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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