our daily rhythms



No one tells much about it,
but there were vultures in the Garden of Eden,
Turkey vultures, to be exact.
Dark eagles, they would soar like gods
voiceless, their wings held out in blessing,
their unfeathered heads the red jewels
of the sky of the garden.

They were vegetarian then.
There were no roadside kills,
no bones to pick, no dead flesh to bloom, ripen.

And they were happy.
They could not imagine
what they would become.

…..Sheryl St. Germain

this tender & effulgent clearing can leave us spent and perfectly contented…..may we remember to come back to stillness within the day, the hour, a tiny moment……

Daily practice is the beginning that becomes the ongoing participation in soul work. The ability to become and remain centered grows out of daily practice. The ability to become and remain centered grows out of daily practice; the two are inseparable. As therapists, we must be able to draw upon our daily practice; the two are inseparable. Daily practice allows for the renewal and focus necessary for staying in touch with our true selves. We must prepare a sacred space and then enter into that sacred space, removing all extroverted thoughts and images. It is from the daily practice of mindfulness that we discover who we really are. Over time, daily practice becomes a source of nourishment, a place of retreat, and a time to recognize the fabric of interior lives. Each of us has the capacity to create sacred space, which becomes our container for growth, for our visions, our deepest wishes and our self-defined quests…….Marianne Adams


Source of energy,

Fountain of light.

Dancing, bubbling, rising deep within.

Bursts forth when contact is made.

…Cathy McKinney

2 thoughts on “our daily rhythms

  1. Daily practice is a habit we must develop and the one the ego fights the hardest against. It has dozens of rituals it could concede yet never will unless asked. It is not a fight with the ego, just a choice to look in a new direction… May your salutation to the sun renew you today …

    • I know this wisdom did not arise suddenly……it is born of the most observant questing……forever renewed I am in gratitude practice and the recentering of presence…..thanks g.f.s…..

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