when you find a drowning heart



When our eyes are graced with wonder,
the world reveals its wonders to us.
….John O’Donohue

the little bits that we disregard in ourselves convince us that we didn’t need them in the first place…..maybe we simply need to sit with them a while longer until they radiate our truth with the clarity of time…..

Practicing inner silence is not easy. Saint Teresa pf Avila differentiated four successive levels of meditation, comparing them to four different ways of watering a garden- the garden of the human soul, to be irrigated in order that it might produce flowers and fruit. In the fourth stage, corresponding to union, there is nothing more that the gardener has to do because the water showers directly from the sky like divine grace. One experiences bliss and dies to all one has been. Teresa describes one of her illuminations this way….. Piero Ferrucci

how do we pray?

It is a light that does not dazzle, a brightness full of gentleness, an infused splendor which enchants and delights the eyes without tiring them, just as they are not made tired by the clarity of that sublime beauty. It is as though- one saw the clearest water flowing across a crystal lit up by the sun. It is a light that knows no waning and which nothing can disturb because it is eternal; it is so boundless that no one could imagine it, not even if he possessed the greatest mind and thought about it all his life…….Teresa of Avila

2 thoughts on “when you find a drowning heart

  1. Described in sacred texts are the white light, but also the clear light. I see it as described, a gentle washing through of light that fills the soul and embraces the being in a knowing of This I Am … Such moments dwell in beauty beyond words …

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