warm light in the dark


This world is a great and mysterious place, and it contains within it all the possibilities that our hearts can conceive. If we incline our hearts toward the darkness, we will see the darkness. If we incline them toward the light, we will see the light. Life is but a dream we renew each day. It is up to us to infuse this dream with light, and to cultivate, as best as we are able, the ways and habits of love. Those of great heart have always known this. They have understood that, as honorable as it is to see wrong and to try to correct it, a life well lived must somehow celebrate the promise that life provides. The darkness at the limits of our knowledge- the darkness that sometimes seems to surround u- is merely a way to make us reach beyond certainty, to make our lives a witness to hope, a testimony to possibility, an urge toward the best and the most honorable impulses that our hearts can conceive. There is in each of us, no matter how humble, a capacity for love. Even if our lives have not taken the course we had envisioned, even if we are less than the shape of our dreams, we are part of the human family. Somewhere, in the most inconsequential corners of our lives, is the opportunity for love…..Kent Nerburn

feather-light in the dark is all we can hope for when the shadows close in…..to be with the dark as the light seeps its way without our knowing…..this is divine trust……

To believe is to be attentive to that seed that is part of our makeup. It will grow us into who we are called to be. It will give us the security we need to make a contribution to the world, the trust to be a confident member of society, and the bottomless depth to be a person with soul. Out initial naive belief, its development into a basic trust in life, our adult struggles with doubt and questioning- they are all part of the spiritual life, to be faced steadfastly and lived wholeheartedly. Eventually we may discover that this kind of belief is the meaning of life and that it has been with us, guiding and shaping, from the very beginning……Thomas Moore

the shadows of the heart

Making friends with your shadow helps facilitate your acceptance of yourself as a less-than-perfect human being. We have a dark side; we are not all light…..William Miller

4 thoughts on “warm light in the dark

  1. That which casts its shadow has absorbed the light and stood between the sun and the moon. Each light different, yet of the same source. So it is with shadows and the shadow self. We should look for the source of the light in order to know the meaning, the length of the shadow it has cast … May your thoughts and dreams be filled with clear light today!

    • when we know the shadow, we can calm and befriend it…..shadows get bigger in the dark…..long, slow sunsets in the heart help……..

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