a life of letting go



Embody the love, gratitude, and compassion you want to promote.

….Dennis Rivers

how often do we embody the concept of mercy? do we really know what it means to forgive? to rest in not knowing? to be honest and real? to let go? oh how uncomfortable….yes?

In April, the liberating powers of mercy and forgiveness are present, and we have the opportunity to release corrosive states of ingratitude. We can use this time to free ourselves from pride, narcissism, or a sense of entitlement; to turn away from comparisons with others and envy of what they may have; and to release our stored anger, resentment, hatred, and disappointment. We can drop our illusions and meet life honestly, just as it is. What states of ingratitude get triggered for you, and under what circumstances? Our attitudes of ungratefulness cause us, and those around us much suffering. When we release them, the gratitude portal of mercy opens wide within. We are able to forgive. We can embody kindness. All acts of mercy produce healing and restore the soul……Angeles Arrien

releasing through abiding

There is a great power in ordinariness, a great strength in spiritual maturity. With spiritual maturity our capacity to open, to forgive, to let go, grows deeper. In this comes a natural untangling of our conflicts, a natural undoing of our struggles, a natural easing of our difficulties, and the capacity to come back to a joyful and easeful rest. This ordinary love and understanding brings an ease and peace of heart to every situation. In this ordinariness there is no higher or lower, nothing to fix, nothing to desire, simply an opening in love and understanding to the joys and suffering of the world…..Jack Kornfield

4 thoughts on “a life of letting go

  1. There is a strength that grows from the roots of forgiveness that can stand any wind. I have witnessed this proof in the beauty that radiates from love even among the horrors that only the human mind can create. It is perhaps the most difficult lesson in life, but also the most enlightening, it releases a great burden and our heart learns again to soar …

    • how can we live with such contradiction? I am not sure at all, but I do know that we are called to open again and again…..may you know this kind of love g.f.s….

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