the missed awakening

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Each soul must meet the morning sun,

the new sweet earth,

and the Great Silence alone.

…Ohiyesa, Dakotah Sioux

this quiet moment flits away….it wasn’t even really quiet as much as it was simply noticed or maybe it was noticed after the moment was gone………it was the wind catching in a nook of the window….from where the light shifted, there was memory or some brief, intense, and tiny sweetness……

I have risen early. Far in the distance, a faint glow paints the horizon. Dawn is coming, gently and full of prayer. I step quietly from my bed, alive to the silences around me. This is the quiet time, the time of innocence and soft thoughts, the childhood of the day. Now is the moment when I must pause and life my heart- now, before the day fragments and my consciousness shatters into a thousand pieces. For this is the moment when the senses are most alive, when a thought, a touch, a piece of music can shape the spirit and color of the day. But if I am not careful- if I rise, frantic, from my bed, full of small concerns- the mystical flow of the imagination at rest will be broken, the past and the future will rush in to claim my mind, and I will be swept up into life’s petty details and myriad obligations. Gone will be the openness that comes only to the waking heart, and with it, the chance to focus the spirit and consecrate the day. What is needed is only a passing of the heart so the spirit can take wing and be lifted toward the infinite. I walk silently toward the window. The darkness is lifting. A thin shaft of lavender has creased the horizon, setting the edges of the trees on fire with morning light. I pause and bow my head. For this brief moment, I am held in the hand of God, and I am sent forth into the morning with the poetry of possibility beating in my heart….Kent Nerburn

to whisper of hope in despair

Go out, go out I beg of you
And taste the beauty of the wild.
Behold the miracle of the earth
With all the wonder of a child.
…..Edna Jaques

8 thoughts on “the missed awakening

  1. Between the first light and the sunrise is a sacred space where we may linger for a time in the opening day. This is the dawn of enlightenment, the reminder of our divinity …

    • the pause in between….the forgotten time…..that space where we never actually see the sun rise or set…..precious beingness…..

    • Home beckons us with every heartbeat, to return to that where we are most divine………to begin anew, knowing full well that tears will fall and hearts will be broken. And yet, there the reminders of just how sweet life is………. I’ve thought more than once recently that in our sorrows, we are closest to God, for in our tears, He finds us and tastes his own.

      • you have a delicate way of moving into the fire without stepping on coals Bobbie……lovely, wild and swooshed through like wind…..ahhhhh

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