the hush of the heart

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We can find the realm of Silence. We can learn practices for entering this realm and for experiencing the many interpenetrating currents of its landscape. The practice of entering into the Silence is neither exclusively a soul work nor exclusively a spiritual work; it is a work of the embodied spiritual-soul, the whole person. We are not helped very much by working with well-known soul practices such as active imagination, images, and dreams. Nor are we helped very much by working with spiritual practices, such as concentration, meditation, or contemplation, in traditional ways. Both soul and spirit practices do involve and assume the presence of Silence, but both focus on what occurs within the Silence rather than on the medium itself. A further factor enters: Silence is experienced bodily. We sense the presence of Silence and, after being with Silence over a period of time, we find distinct changes in our body that contribute to our capacity to enter and stay within the Silence. Entering Silence through sensing is the key to living both our soul life and our spiritual life in the world. Letting Silence pervade all we do does work because it never separates itself from the world. The work is to be Silence itself, and in so doing we are one with soul, spirit, body, and world……Robert Sardello

we really have little understanding of true silence….and yet, every moment is filled with an edge that roars in between the heart and the meeting of experience…..this rhythm and fullness lift us into presence with our living inner spaciousness…..

They sat faces bowed, eyes downward, wrapped in blankets, swathed in Silence. But this silence was pregnant with the everliving mystery; and the tentacles of mind and heart groped through it to feel its shape and form and substance. When the guttural voice finally stops there is silence. A silence so heavy and profound that it squashes the kernel of truth out of his words, and leaves the meaningless husks mercilessly exposed, and the silence grows round the walls, hands from one to another, until all the silence is one silence, and that silence is the meaning of all…..Frank Waters

the empty vessel

To find yourself in the infinite,

You must distinguish and then unite.


6 thoughts on “the hush of the heart

  1. To distinguish and then to unite … To return home and know it for the first time. This is the journey of the divine spark, to be given individuality, to distinguish by knowing will and seeking, in order for source to become aware of itself, there lies the unity … May silence surround you with meaning …

  2. So many these days are filled with anxiety, the rush to understand, to fix, to change……….and yet, it is in the still that we find the answers – in the quiet when the only voice we hear is our own heart. Unfortunately, there are many who don’t recognize the voice. ❤

    • not figuring it all out…..just letting it be….such a unique and helpful way to “see” it….an opening, rather than a stifling… seeps through your words Bobbie…..

  3. The Empty Vessel caught my attention……Perhaps instead we need to extinguish to unite? I’m not sure……ego needs to go, but maybe a tiny unique particle remains……unique, but only as important as all the rest in concert.

    • All to fill the well with the fluidity of giving and receiving….only available to us if we are ready…..unique and oh so important Eileen…..

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