the heart is always new


To experience and express love has been one of humankind’s greatest quests. Love has been the subject of countless myths and poems and the object of study by philosophers, psychologists, and sages. Though love is much sought, it is little understood; though universally desired, it is rarely wholly fulfilled. Where and how do we find love? At the heart of Jewish tradition lie the 2 commandments “Love God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Jesus agreed that “there is no other commandment greater than these” and begged us to “love one another just as I have loved you.” For Jesus, true love excluded no one, and the challenge he set for us was to love even our enemies. The Indian traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism echo the call for an all-encompassing love. If the great religions sing the praise of love so highly, it must be something very different from our usual addictive experience of love, something far more profound and powerful, boundless and beneficial. Spiritual love has no desire to get but only to give, no goal except to awaken itself within others, no need except to share itself. Being unconditional, it never fails or falters; being boundless, it embraces everyone. ……Roger Walsh

there is no light without heart light……we cannot share or hold lightly or breathe in calm without giving out love…..may our hearts convince the beasts that wait in shadows……

It is through the daily practice of virtue that we begin the shift from our conventional view of ourselves as separate beings toward an awareness increasingly permeable and receptive to the whole. Virtuous living lays the foundation for all that follows, and virtuous living at its most essential, reflected in mystical wisdom across time and culture, recognizes no distinction or boundary between self and other. To do for another is to do for yourself. We are one. There is a direct connection between our behavior toward others and the unfolding clarity of our spiritual insight……John Greer

not so serious….really it’s just love….

In Every Religion There Is Love,
Yet Love Has No Religion.

3 thoughts on “the heart is always new

  1. I would like to here the words in Aramaic – Love one another as I have loved you’ As voice and language change so does meaning and intent … Would we see it differently hearing it otherwise, would our lives change in some other fashion knowing the depth of the words vibration ? May words reach deeply into the richness of the heart’s understanding …

    • oh to know them as if for the first time….with the heady call to live in them….what would it look like to read words in the heart……again- this must be why poetry was born…..

  2. The truth that is love is not in the receiving, but in the opening……..the pouring out of all that we know as good, our stories, our failures, our sorrows………..til an ocean returns us home and we find that when we loved, we only made room for more………..

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