weakening our grip

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What if the heart cracks like a seed,
needing to be opened to grow? Then
how do we understand what comes
pouring out? Does pain turn into a
small root? Does grief if watered start
to break ground? It does no good to tell
someone broken that they will become a
flower. No one believes this while lost in
the dark, anymore than creatures of the
night can believe that there’s a festival
of life making up the day. But this is
the work of faith, the faith that moves
like song and blood beneath our wounds:
to believe that we are more than what is
done to us. It’s true. I’ve lost everything
more than once, each a devastation. Yet
each in time grew me into who I was to
be. I can’t explain or offer conclusions.
Just know that we’re surprised into being.
Like divers who open the treasure just
as they’re running out of air, we’re
forced to let go of what we want
in order to live another day.

…..Mark Nepo

it’s been awhile hasn’t it? been awhile since we felt free of our stories, our troubles, our doubts? what if we didn’t have to fix anything? what if it was all ok just the way it was? maybe that gentle awareness heals us….

The route in a pilgrimage is often rocky with many closed doors along the way. In my pilgrimage toward understanding, I grapple with one closed door after another. But even when I finally unlock these doors, I often do not find much there immediately. Marcel Proust referred to memory as coming “like a rope let down from heaven.” Memory and experience exist like ghosts following you silently around without visible history…..Nancy Azara

generosity of change

We think of wisdom as something we must learn, and that is partly true. Yet the great religions also assure us that wisdom already resides within us. Our minds are extraordinary miracles- “the greatest of all cosmic wonders,” according to Carl Jung- and contain untapped sources of wisdom and understanding. We know more than we know we know. We have within us remarkable wisdom that will guide and help us if we learn how to recognize and draw on it. Invite this wise person into your place of beauty and introduce yourself. Take time to savor the experience of being in the presence of a person of deep wisdom and boundless love. What fears and defenses melt into nothingness in the presence of someone who accepts you just the way you are. What does it feel like to accept and love yourself completely, just as you are?……Roger Walsh

2 thoughts on “weakening our grip

  1. Mark Nepo’s analogy of the diver is spot on, not only in moments, but in life. Through all our travels (travails), as we let go of our last breath what is the last mortal thought? Is it clinging to life, or is it letting go so we rise toward the sun?

    • I love that “surprised into being”….that beautiful paradox that allows us to be fully authentic in each moment and invites clarity to our trepidations……..the birds seem to have a special song this morning g.f.s…..

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