nothing left undone


A central concept of Taoism is wu wei, which translates directly as non-action or non-doing, but means something more like alignment with the energies of the universe—the energies that keep the universe balanced and ordered. The goal is to carefully and cautiously exert a minimum of effort at crucial points of leverage. At those points, small energy, when exerted with rather than against the flows of the universe, produces big results. Taken to its extreme, Zen Buddhist monks following the practice of wu wei retreat to the solitude of the mountains, and, through meditation, achieve a kind of psychological harmony with the flows of the universe…..Rod MacIver

generosity, gratitude, and grace……here lies a benevolent compassion for our humanness…..a reconciliation between the heart and our circumstances……may we not confuse timelessness of the heart with the limited mind…….

How do we live wisely and well? was Confucius’s sacred question, and he threw himself into answering it with a passion rarely matched in human history. The meaningless pastimes and pursuits that fill, then devour most people’s lives held little interest for him. He found profound joy by following his heart in an outwardly simple life. Learning, personal integrity, and helping others were what mattered to him, and he devoted his life to practicing and teaching these ideals…..Roger Walsh

to honor imperfection

Not to mend one’s ways when one has erred is to err indeed.


2 thoughts on “nothing left undone

  1. I like the title – Nothing left undone – reminding us of balance in everything we do, encounter, what we weave with our pens should unravel mystery, our wake in the water soon returns to the swell of the ocean. What we give,has been given to us, we achieve balance in the dance through this lightness of being … may you dance always with this …

    • no need to strive or rush toward an image of perfection…..being present in our humanness is the great wheel in motion…..the ferris wheel….lightness in motion g.f.s….

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