sinking in fear, yet held by truth

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If there could be a single, universal test of our spirit it would be: do we have faith in our ability to survive in the physical world or are we afraid of the challenges life sets us? Every single challenge in life and every single spiritual crisis tests the quality of our decisions. We want to come to the point where even when our back is against the wall, we can make a conscious choice with integrity. We have to decide, do we turn inward and trust the inherent wisdom of our spirit that reminds us of universal truths such as, “Give and it is returned tenfold unto you” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” or do we cave into insecurities that allow us to turn away?…..Carolyn Myss

our footing is challenged on so many levels, at so many crossroads in our lives, and within our tenderest moments……..maybe we would do well to honor all the feelings of lack, yet still give our best self to the moment at hand…….an interesting and haunting effortless effort……

The pain of not reaching our potential, the pain of being overlooked, the pain of not being heard. The pain of being a cog, of not fitting in enough, never enough. The pain of having to measure up in a world that keeps telling us that we don’t. So many live with that pain because the alternative is hard to consider. The alternative is to experience the pain of being free. The pain of saying, “here, I made this.” The pain of living with the opportunity to make difference. There’s no pain-free path. But at least you can do something that matters….Seth Godin

what we believe about ourselves

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

……George Bernard Shaw

2 thoughts on “sinking in fear, yet held by truth

  1. Should we say there is no pain, only differences in perception of the light? What would it be if there were no contrast to pleasure, why is creations joy followed by the pangs of birth. Is it because we know? If we only believed would that joy escape us, relieve us of responsibility and knowledge of consequence? Would we still be called human … May the dual merge into one in a quiet moment today …

    • hmmm…….we know how changed we become through challenge, through dark moving toward light……happiness does not stand alone… becomes vacuous without direct inner knowing… live in the midst of it all may be the ideal of grace…….

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