no going back


the soul is a garden enclosed,
our own perpetual paradise where
we can be refreshed and restored.
….Thomas Moore

even if we can’t remember how it all got so messed up, we can gently hold it all very close as we close the gate…….may the evening tide be slow, the sunset linger, and the night soft and tender……

Ultimately, we empower our greatest sense of freedom when we recognize how we are being unconsciously enslaved ad likewise how we are confining ourselves. The concept that we are essentially unprocessed holds great promise and possibility. As human beings, it can be easy to become captivated by the convenient, processed nature of the modern world, which can result in a feeling of enslavement at the subtlest level. In our minds, we tend to overly process life, ruminating on what we must consume next in order to clearly see and readily appreciate the interconnectedness of the planet and all of her living beings. Perceiving our lives as locked and vacant of possibility, we might lose sight of who we truly are. Through breath, movement, and mindfulness, we can reconnect to our divine nature, honor the tartness of life,and reaffirm our inherent freedom…….Danny Arguetty

we forget how to heal

To build up

Dismantle first

To expand

Contract first

To attain clarity

Allow confusion

To become civilized

First live in the wild.

the balance of all things

Is in their opposites;

The truth points in both directions.

Thus the clenched fist holds

weakness within

And the open hand offers the hidden

power of suns.

….Haven Trevino

2 thoughts on “no going back

  1. So has it been since leaving the garden for the first time, one became dual, to see the reflection of the self in its own light … The spirals descend slowly back into loving …

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