when the day falls apart

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Perhaps the real point of life is simply to wear us down until we have no choice but to start abandoning our defenses. We learn that the way things are is simply the way they are meant to be right now, and then, suddenly, at long last, we catch a glimpse of the abundance in the moment- abundance even in the face of things falling apart. Embarking on a journey without knowing quite where we’re headed, or even why we need to go, we are freed to be open and curious, ready to find out, rather than obligated to find the “right” way……Katrina Kenison

wringing out the day can be as tedious as all the details…..the laundry, the obligations, the ugly truths…….and it can be as spacious as light, filled with the beauty of laundry, obligations, and hard and considered truths…..


Can it be that

memory is useless,

like a torn web

hanging in the wind?

Sometimes it billows

out, a full high gauze-

like a canopy.

But the air passes

through the rents

and it falls again and flaps


like the ghost rag that it is-

hanging at the window

of an empty room.

….Ruth Stone

hanging on

We can let go of the incessant urge to move so quickly when we understand the belief that is behind the rushing. Usually, it is an idea that happiness awaits us somewhere in the future, when all tasks are done, or when we’ve arrived at some end goal. The more we connect with the reality of Now, the less we stress about the ordinary convention of time. The future only arrives in this present moment. And the only moment we need to take care of is this one; when we learn to do that, all other moments will be taken care of in the same way…..Mark Coleman

2 thoughts on “when the day falls apart

  1. Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    – From The Second Coming WB Yeats
    Memory is paradox … It allows us to record all happenings regardless of the necessity or consequence. Many decry their poor memory, yet cling to a fear of of spiders, or heights because of a childhood experience. Like fear memory serves and deceives, enables or cripples. Should we compare the present to the past, or one phenomena to another we can change the world or confine our feelings to where one memory defines us … What choices we can make, what thoughts can fill our consciousness with love or fear?

    • beautiful to be reminded of choice…..tattered memories to be left alone……and a loosening…..a letting go into the hush of the day……may it be a fresh day g.f.s….

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