gathering tools


I was walking home late one afternoon after the rain showers had stopped. Everything was steamy and moist. I was at the edge of the park when the sun suddenly came out, lighting up the green in a golden glow. The light filtering through the leaves transformed what it touched. As I stepped into one golden pool, I became one with the light. Everything inside me became peaceful and still. I stood for a moment in the golden pool of light, transfixed. The obsessive thoughts which ordinarily preoccupied my mind evaporated. In that one moment, I had a certainty of knowing. I felt as though I were one with the wisdom of all life, through all time. All fear was gone. I left the circle of light as one with myself and the universe, feeling that I had arrived at a simple perfection, sure that my life was irrevocably changed. The peace dissolved gradually over time, but he memory has never faded……colleague of Frances Vaughan

there is no transformation-wreckage-fix it-manual……..but there is this light….this sky….this choice in each moment to be as real as the what is not real…….healing is not magical, and love is not always pretty…..we have these nuances and empowerments…..

Healing is a process of remembering, of reconnecting with our wholeness. Recovery is really rediscovery. In recovery we get back our wholeness. We bring our small self together with our deeper Self, and make a whole…..Christina Grof

pure self absorption & soul time

Images in our mind’s eye radiate like moonbeams or a comet’s tail from the activity of the soul. to glimpse the images is to catch sight of the soul, whose movements are connected to but distinct from the experiences of the ego. We might say that as our deeds reveal the character of ego, imagination and its images tell the nature of the soul…..Thomas Moore

2 thoughts on “gathering tools

  1. We see reflections everywhere, this property is unique to everyone … We can never truly see ourselves, only reflections in mirrors or in others … What then are we? Magicians who conjure the world around us, or machines that dig into matter to build a world around us? We are the confluence of two rivers, the ever changing delta flowing out to sea (to see) ….

    • ….and when we have a cogent and profound moment when fear dissipates, may we not need to see ourselves but to simply know that this river runs through us… see indeed g.f.s…….

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