engaging with the everyday soul


Your soul is your true nature. Your soul can also be thought of as your true place in nature. You were born to occupy a particular place within the community that eco-philosopher David Abram calls the more-than-human world. You have a unique ecological role, the way you are meant to serve and nurture the web of life, directly or through your role in society. At the level of soul, you have a specific way of belonging to the biosphere, as unique as any maple, moose, or mountain. You, too, can reclaim your membership as a natural being in a natural world. By innocently immersing yourself in nature, you will discover, in time, that nature reflects your soul, revealing your particular place in the more-than-human world. You can count on wild nature to reflect your soul because soul is your most wild and natural dimension…….Bill Plotkin

remembering our place is often like sudden flight,  a little disorienting, but filled with soul-stirring possibility…..may we remember more often…..

All is well. I am saturated with gratitude. My heart is full. There is such truth in the beauty that unfolds daily amidst the unpredictable challenges of life and chaos of the world. May we be present with what is within and around us. May how we are with ourselves and each other be a love letter that whispers encouragingly, “Live!”…….Oriah Mountain Dreamer

time enough for living

Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,

the world offers itself to your imagination,

calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting-

over and over announcing your place

in the family of things.

…..Mary Oliver

2 thoughts on “engaging with the everyday soul

  1. Imagine the thought that creation is a grand accident, and consciousness is nothing more than chemistry? Would there even be poetry, art, literature, if this were so? Denying the soul is like refusing to acknowledge the beating of our hearts, perhaps this is why our blood is red … A distinction of an in dwelling spirit, an Animus Mundi, a fire that burns within …

    • ……I simply must be “out”….this simple act of stepping outside of myself and being with birds and blue is a soul shimmying act…..a refusal to be completely engulfed in the land of the downtrodden…..poetry and nature and art and beauty feed the fire within…may it be so always g.f.s….

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