another way to be under clouds


The traditional themes of resurrection, redemption, and purification that surface are invitations to recognize our states of ingratitude and release them. In so doing, we nurture and sanctify the soul. This is not always easy to do; it requires us to consciously move out from the darkness of these harmful states into the light of hope and trust. Spiritual traditions have held that the ways we can break free of darkness are through the practices of forgiveness, repentance, contrition, and atonement. Healing occurs when the heart is open, trusting, and hopeful- and gratitude creates these environments. When the heart is open, creative solutions and new possibilities are more readily seen, and the mercies within us are more accessible. Spring functions as an irrefutable mirror of human nature’s goodness, beauty, and resilience in its ability to survive, grow, and thrive regardless of hardships or injustices……Angeles Arrien

will we remember these agonizing fears? the regrets that keep us from moving, from exuberance, from lifting toward the heart?…..mercy sees and pries us open…..

Because seeing into your own nature is you discovering yourself, you cannot fail to experience it. This great root of faith is not just a tepid faith. It is a thoroughgoing belief that will settle for nothing less than complete awakening, and is rooted firmly in the ground like a huge tree, immovable in the face of even the strongest gale. When the great root of faith and the great ball of doubt are present, great determination will arise. Great determination is a strong resolve that wells up from the bottom of our gut and spurs us on. We already believe that we ourselves are intrinsically awake; we only need discover what is within us. Although there is nothing to be afraid of we are afraid in spite of ourselves, wondering what might happen next, fearing that perhaps our awareness of ourselves will be destroyed. you must summon up a reckless resolve to break through, no matter what, and throw yourself away. When you break through, you realize great life……Kdun Yamada

the upside of fear

As you start to walk out on the way, the way appears.


2 thoughts on “another way to be under clouds

  1. For the gate is narrow and the way is long to life … I took the toad less travelled upon, and it has made all the difference … These quotes and so many other show us there is a discrimination the soul travel must make in order to align with purpose … There are many distractions, and while beauty and light are among they, they need to be seen as signs along the way. For too long we have been lost … Only The Way leads us home, all others, some pleasant, some not only lead back to the beginning again … Life as Paradox …

    • distraction is so subtle and quite challenging to lean away from……caught up is how we then find ourselves so “busy”…….when the fruit ripens only in alignment…….Life as Paradox indeed……

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