to reveal our inner flight


Our intuition and point of view have just as much impact on our interpretation as the object that is before us. As we surround ourselves with uplifting vibrations in our ways of living, we can attune to the inquiry of seeing versus simply looking by mindfully engaging. When we can truly see as opposed to merely looking, we enter a new dimension of awareness. Seeing usually involves more than just the use of our eyes, and thus true vision emerges when we call upon our deep-seated instinct in the endeavor to understand something new. If you were to lead your life from a place of intuition and imagination, what would this look like?…..Danny Arguetty

savoring the practice and infusing it with soul breath, with garden wishes, and delights that dance in the eyes of misty-eyed children……so humble in this space…..

Firmness is incomplete

Without softness to receive it.

Embrace these two,

and a child is formed,

Perfect, innocent, and free.

Give to the day

Receive from the night;

Honor these two,

Become the ritual of life.

Live your highest asperations

In an unassuming way:

Cupped hands at the crystal spring.

Be the lump of clay

And the sculptor too:

A universe of unlimited potential.

….Haven Trevino

all in the palm of our hand

Some people say there is a new sun every day, that it begins its life at dawn and lives for one day only. They say you have to welcome it. You have to make the sun happy. You have to make a good day for it. You have to make a good world for it to live its one-day life in. And the way to start, they say, is just by looking east at dawn. When they look east tomorrow, you can too. Your song will be an offering- and you’ll be one more person in one more place at one more time in the world saying hello to the sun, letting it know you are there. If the sky turns a color sky it never was before, just watch it. That’s part of the magic. That’s the way to start a day…..Byrd Baylor

4 thoughts on “to reveal our inner flight

  1. Each day spirit does return to us, from sleep, back into it chosen one. There is joins the sun in celebration of the electric fire of life .. This incomparable gift of creation needs awareness of the true will to be … Do we guide our own light through the sky, or is that given away? When we truly see, we truly own the gift of light !

    • we long for something we cannot explain, cannot gain easily…..and then we remember it is nothing to be gained exactly….more about remembering……so much about light! we lose our way so easily……

  2. I love these images – a world within our past, our dreams. Here I break bread and listen as chimes beat against old wood…..and I wonder to those who first knew how to love. Thank you always for the gifts you share – light spilling over to light.

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