what is translucent?


All of our listening brings us home. This is the teacher’s answer to his student’s complaints. This is what the teacher-soul keeps saying to the student-self in each of us: to accept our place in the miracle before us, to listen to our experience, to our bodies, to our pain, to our wonder, to our place in the mystery, until we land and sing- this is what all birdsong calls to remember. Try as we will to fly away, all flight leads us to land where we began, different but the same. Try as we will to run from suffering, all our pain lands us back on earth in the puddle of our life where we can listen to our reflection. Try as we will to get out of here, life simply and harshly returns us to the heart of here, which, if listened to opens us to the heart of everything. What the teacher says to the student who complains is that there is no lesson plan for living but to live. And all our dreams and plans and strategies are necessary detours to the brilliant reality of the life we already inhabit….Mark Nepo

keys to unearth

The point in life is to know what’s enough-

With the happiness held in one inch-square heart

you can fill the whole space between Heaven and Earth.


the nature of things allows for sweeter offerings, for a life of no regrets, for a life of deep undertaking…..what requires attention? what insights need to be shared? what choices need to be weeded and pruned?

Let your mind rest in its natural state and clear your thoughts. Recognize how deeply you wish to be free from suffering and experience genuine happiness. Be intently aware that all living beings have the same wish. Reflect on the chains of causality that make certain types of thoughts, words and actions, for example, those inspired by hatred, greed, jealousy or pride, result in suffering, and then on those other chains of causality arising from benevolence and wisdom which lead to profound contentment. Take advantage of the wisdom of past teachers who have understood with great insight the mechanisms of happiness and suffering. For a few moments, be aware of your potential for change. Whatever your present situation is, evolution and transformation are always possible. Resolve deep within to liberate yourself from your present situation and arouse the enthusiasm and the perseverance necessary to develop the good qualities that are latent within you……Matthieu Ricard

6 thoughts on “what is translucent?

  1. Clearly the sky invites us, the sea beckons the wanderer, the mountains call to the dreamer … Still in every going forth there is always a coming hither, and the journey outward always reaches a midway point, returning home, not always to where we started but home, none the less …

    • I used to say I had wings on my feet….a wanderlust….travel feels different now…..not so much searching as finding…..as witnessing…..contentment of what is rather than what is next……will always love the beckoning call…..

  2. What choices need to be weeded and pruned? Reflecting on recurring patterns of poor choices lately…so easy to see in others, but takes courage to identify our own and to persevere until we change.

    • oh to sit in the heart of compassion with that not very comfortable and antsy feeling…..the practice of radical acceptance….to witness our own trajectories…….

  3. There can be no regrets. The way which took us returned us….. Were it not for the moments we fell, we could not recall the flying, or the arriving at this place – this wondrous place that would be the less without us. ❤

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