the shadows lurking


We have only now, only this single eternal moment opening and unfolding before us day and night. To see this truth is to realize that the sacred and secular cannot be divided. Even the most transcendent visions of spirituality must shine through the here and now and be brought to life in how we walk, eat, and love one another. This is not easy. The power of our fear, the habits of judgment within us, repeatedly prevent our touching the sacred. Often we will unconsciously draw our spirituality back to the polarity of good and bad, sacred and profane. Where is liberation to be found? The Buddha taught that both human suffering and human enlightenment are found in our own fathom-long body with its senses and mind. If not here and now, where else will we find it?……Jack Kornfield

this pretty integration of repetition and understanding is not really conscious living……really, what we need is a distant inspiration of the most genuine and highest regard……true purpose of extraordinary commitment…

In times of sudden danger most people call out, “O my God!”

Why would they keep doing this if it didn’t help?

Only a fool keeps going back where nothing happens.

The whole world lives within a safeguarding, a fish

inside waves, birds held in the sky, the elephant,

the wolf, the lion as he hunts, the dragon, the ant,

the waiting snake, even the ground, the air,

the water, every spark floating up from the fire,

all subsist, exist, are held in the divine, Nothing

is ever alone for a single moment.

All giving comes from There, No matter who

you think you put your open hand out

toward, it’s That which gives.


to make healing arise

In general these problems arise when spirituality ignores or denies our own humanity.. As far as Buddha Nature is concerned, there is no difference between sinner and sage. One enlightened thought and one is a Buddha, one foolish thought and one is an ordinary person…….Zen Patriarch Hui Neng

6 thoughts on “the shadows lurking

  1. The fallacy of the Michaelson – Morley experiment is akin to saying there is no Spirit that permeates space, no animus mundi, that raises the soul into life. It is like a trees strangling its own roots, ending lifeless, returning to the life of the soil from which it came. Whether we call it Aether, tachyon, zero point, or Spirit, this is our truth, our foundation … Beauty is Love incarnate, we are given consciousness to know this truth. May we embrace the blessing of this forever moment …

    • empowering…..choice to trust…..just witnessing beauty links us to our own humanness…..that tender and settled spaciousness……

  2. Love the Kornfield quote…..he is one of my favorites. Yes to the sacred in the secular……the point of “sacrament” is to call our attention to the sacred in the everyday human experience and to celebrate it. Never was meant to be a controlled or limited experience for a few. Love your posts as always. They help me return to my “Truth” when I stray or forget. Sending kind and grateful thoughts your way. Eileen

  3. Eileen said it well – our joy can only be found in the remembering – remembering what is sacred in the everyday. It is there we find the divine, in the intimacy of living, the slow reassurance of breath returning us home. Indeed, everything is a miracle. We need only remember the sweetness of our becoming. ❤

    • so uplifting to know we do not have to know it all, be it all, see it all…..we encounter and feed from the profound realities right here…….yes, Bobbie….miracles:)

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