what whispers under words

1-Pics for Blog Edits241It is hard to feel affection for something as totally impersonal as the atmosphere, and yet there it is, as much a part and product of life as wine or bread. Taken all in all, the sky is a miraculous achievement. It works and for what it is designed to accomplish it is as infallible as anything in nature. I doubt whether any of us could think of a way to improve on it, beyond maybe shifting a local cloud from here to there on occasion. Each day, millions of meteorites fall against the outer limits of the membrane and are burned to nothing by the friction. Without this shelter, our surface would long since have become the pounded powder of the moon. Even though our receptors are not sensitive enough to hear it, there is comfort in knowing that the sound is there overhead, like the random noise of rain on the roof at night……..Lewis Thomas

feather-light and misty-eyed movement surround us in the natural light, in the considered and homeless parts of us, in the dreams that wake us to new ways…….

So long as mists envelop you, be still;
be still until the sunlight pours through
and dispels the mists as it surely will.
Then act with courage.
…..Ponca Chief White Eagle

puzzling perceptions

It has been a week of walking in the liminal spaces, of moving in the places inbetween. Decades ago I met a shaman who taught me how to dream, how to walk with a foot in both worlds and move between them at will, how to stay grounded in the love of this world, this life. In the tribal traditions there is a prophesy that the dreamers of the world will find each and dream together to restore balance in this world, to bring healing to the sacred hoop that life may continue in a sustainable way. May it be so…….Oriah Mountain Dreamer

2 thoughts on “what whispers under words

  1. In the wilderness that is me……….I find the waters cool and deep, the skies lit up with stars waiting to be named and birds no man can see.

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