the essence of insight

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As my words turn to silence,
Your sweetness surrounds me.
….Hakim Sanai

we forget so many things don’t we? and adding another practice or how-to or fix-it to our lives is really not necessary……maybe if we melt into not-knowing a little more, letting go…..then the quiet may fill us……

In Zen we say that everyone is already a buddha, an awakened one. But we don’t know we are until we are shaken out of our complacent habitual thoughts and see clearly that everything we encounter, including ourselves, has the same awakened nature. Once this truth has been revealed to us, we can no longer avoid it, although we try. Our thought patterns are so firmly entrenched in the neural connections in our brains that our insight is repeatedly overcome by the filters that hide the truth of reality from us. But then, through practice, we set up the conditions for awakening again, and the true world reveals itself. The entry points to the Buddhas’s dharma- these dharma gates- are everywhere. They are revealed to us when we encounter the world through the heart-mind that has been clarified by the practice of sitting still……Melissa Myozen Blacker

what is inseparable

It is important to clearly define what spiritual practice means.Often we think of spiritual practice as assuming special postures or performing complex rituals, singing prayers and mantras, or doing specific breathing exercises. Whatever our practice, its form is conditional, meaning it is based on the conditions of body, speech, and mind. However, even though our practices are based in form, they can point us to experience what is essential- spaciousness of being, the light of awareness, and the warmth of positive qualities such as the four immeasurables of love, compassion, joy and equanimity. These are not dependent upon conditions but are our fundamental nature.Throughout your life, endeavor to let form point you to the formless. If your practice is one of turning toward, recognizing, and gaining confidence in the space of being, nothing can damage your practice- the space of your nature of mind is beyond time and conditions. It is the unconditional nature of your being…..Tenzen Wangyal Rinpoche

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