how have we forgotten rapture?

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We are here essentially to risk ourselves in the world. We are a form of invitation to others and to otherness, we are meant to hazard ourselves for the right thing, for the right woman or the right man, for a son or a daughter, for the right work or for a gift given against all the odds. And in all this continual risking the most profound courage may be found in the simple willingness to allow ourselves to be happy along the way……David Whyte

the tiniest mysteries shed light on the big graces…….those tiny smiles, those tiny leaves falling, those tiny sweet nothings we have held so tightly, those tiny breezes in the earliest morning, the tiny dyings we leave with those we love…….

A line from Mark Epstein’s book “The Trauma of Everyday Life,” stood out for me this morning: ” Awakening does not mean an end to difficulty: it means a change in the way those difficulties are met.” There will be difficulties- small ones like traffic jams & burnt toast; larger ones like the loss of a loved one, or serious illness & pain. As we start a new work week, I focus on meeting whatever arises with slow inhales & full exhales- to calm where things get sticky & savor where things are sweet (& I find there is more sweetness than I had thought there was in an ordinary day.) I want to meet whatever arises with an open heart and with awareness of the places where my busy mind might be making situations more difficult than they need to be. How do you want to meet whatever arises this week? ……Oriah Mountain Dreamer

when we find puddles

Nothing in life is trivial.
Life is whole wherever
and whenever we touch it,
and one moment or event is
not less sacred than another.
….Vimala Thakar

4 thoughts on “how have we forgotten rapture?

  1. Ee need to touch more souls so they see the beauty in the everyday, so they reach deep into the soul of life and find the forgotten truth that we are love, not competition or violence … we have assumed that the condition of the world, of life is as it is regardless of ourselves, while every moment, every word we write or read, every news story we believe is creating our future … We can change the world …

  2. one moment or event is not less sacred than another…………………….YES!………………………the sacrament of the ordinary………………grace abounds when we take the time to see it.

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