the heart sifted into stars


Thus shall ye think of all of this fleeting world

As a star at dawn, a bubble in stream;

A flash of lightning in a summer cloud

A flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream.


it only takes a reminder to awaken from a bad dream…..yet we linger there…..stars reach down, float us into the very same dream in another direction and off we go…..remember how wide the sky……

In our day-to-day lives we generally don’t notice space. Instead, we either focus our attention on what is in space, rather than the space itself, or on our general lack of space. When we meditate on space, our mind and our being become imbued with a sense of expansiveness. It reminds us of how our true nature is inherently spacious, when we are not fixating on the particulars of experience. When we sense into that space, something in us relaxes, becomes quiet. Awareness itself resembles space. Like space, awareness is boundless, unobstructed, ad large enough to accommodate any experience. On a moonless night away from the lights of the city, look out into the limitless, starlit sky. The universe we behold is vast and fathomless. As you gaze into the blackness of the universe, notice how even an experience as large as this can be held or contained within your awareness. We are not separate from the sky that we look at, the birdsong that we hear, or the wind we feel on our skin. In such a moment, the nature of our minds and the nature of this universe are inseparable. Where does the sky end and your awareness begin?…..Mark Coleman

see them fly by

Become the sky

Take an axe to the prison wall


Walk out like someone suddenly born into color.


4 thoughts on “the heart sifted into stars

  1. Looking into the Grand Canyon for the first time the space is so vast as to not be comprehensible, as the senses have no comparison to it. The experience is telling, as it offers the chance to view the vastness contained in a space of beauty. Size takes on a new meaning, and we are wiser for having been …

  2. walk out like someone suddenly born into color………………….
    Love that…….have experienced it……….love and purpose turn our black and white world into a rainbow.

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