resistance to bare truth

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Realization means making real. In other words, it is a direct, immediate immersion into things as they absolutely are: no preconceptions, no interpretations, no judgment. It is oneself becoming true…..Gerald May

post-modern everything hurts a little… we forgot that we have rocks in our shoes….there’s a purity of heart that cannot be denied….we get attached and blame and forget……it’s ok….we don’t need an endless story around it……no excuses….human connection is all that is needed….

What this means in a daily way is that we show up with all of our care, and then let go of our attachments to what might come of our care. In other words, we can’t know what is real unless we face what comes our way with our hearts in our mouths, risking everything. Something magical opens when we risk who we are. But, despite our dreams and expectations, the outcome of such an offering is frequently different from what we hope for. And so we are asked to detach and reflect on the truth of our actual experience, in order to understand the lessons we are being given……..Mark Nepo

from the outside

Happiness cannot be found

Through great effort and willpower,

But is already present in relaxation and letting go.

…..Gendun Rinpoche

3 thoughts on “resistance to bare truth

  1. Unless you carry it with you, no matter how far you search, you will never find happiness … The acceptance of the life we have created for ourselves is the first step to knowing we can create the life of our dreams …

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