magnanimous love

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As I walked out the door

toward the gate that would lead to my freedom,

I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind,

I’d still be in prison.

….Nelson Mandela

may we remember to love……

I have always been amazed how the deepest things are intangible: love, doubt, faith, confusion, peace. Where are they? They can’t be held in the hand like fruit or turned in the lap like pages of a sacred text. Yet they shape our lives. This has always been the driving mystery of all sacred wisdom. The only things worth saying are those things that are unsayable. It is quite humbling to realize that we spend a lifetime gaining grain after grain of this wisdom, working to understand it and struggling to express it, only to become more and more a part of it, unspeakable ourselves. Over time, we age into a stillness that breathes like stone, exposed beyond resistance……Mark Nepo

how we learn to love

A deeply divided Supreme Court on Friday delivered a historic victory for gay rights, ruling 5 to 4 that the Constitution requires that same-sex couples be allowed to marry no matter where they live.

The court’s action rewarded years of legal work by same-sex marriage advocates and marked the culmination of an unprecedented upheaval in public opinion and the nation’s jurisprudence…..Robert Barnes

3 thoughts on “magnanimous love

  1. We debate laws, rules, and meaning, yet as Dr David Hawkins tells us how can we know truth, is there a mechanism for discernment? Although he proposed and used kenisiology, it’s basis must be in the human heart. While science focuses on the secrets of the brain, our salvation is its connection to the heart, the realization that love and not duality is the true meaning we seek in our days

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