where is the light breeze?


Nothing is so strong as gentleness,
nothing so gentle as real strength.
…..St. Francis de Sale

patterns in flowers…..how decay can re-enliven us……the truth of our deep pain…….and the fragrance of unimaginable sweet seeds deep down……

What ripples out from us
Is what lives within us.
I stop trying to manipulate my breath
Stop hoping to get it “right”
Letting the breath be natural, gentle
Feeling how it calms the nervous system
Quiets the mind, nourishes the body
Unhooks me from overstimulation
Immobility is not what it’s about
Moving from this center I am guided to act
Out of love for my small life
And all that is alive

Let’s try it together now:
For just one inhale, one exhale
Let the breath be gentle
Let the nervous system quiet
Allow action to arise from this center of being.
What ripples out from here
Is what feeds the soul of the world

….Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Gazing up at the vast night sky, taking in sweeping vistas from a desert plateau, or looking out at the endless expanse of ocean can sometimes leave us feeling very small and irrelevant. We may fear, consciously or unconsciously, that if we experience oneness with the great magnitude of nature, we will lose a sense of our own uniqueness. We might feel panic at the thought of our own insignificance in the grand scheme of the natural world. Yet the unified whole of life does not deny the importance of each particular life form, just as the complexity and individuality of things do not deny the essential unity or commonality that is a thread throughout everything in the universe……Mark Coleman

2 thoughts on “where is the light breeze?

  1. To sink beneath the wave, to loose consciousness, that terrible fear of drowning, not just in a watery sea, but witching the waters of life. To float free is the same in both conditions. Letting go of its burden reveals the true lightness of being … The gentle breath Oriah speaks of, in the pause between inhale and exhale there we learn to let go …

    • I have often tried to recreate that gentle, slippery wash that comes over me in a rare moment….the one that really lets go, surrenders to what is actually happening….it is the magical pause in between you speak of…the ‘bardos’……here and gone…..always to wonder how it was, and how I could not have known to be any other way…..

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