how we find the forgotten scraps


Anyone who gives anything to the Divine

will find that it comes back to them turned to gold….Rumi

when we embrace our lives, the dharma gets thicker……a willingness and a simpler truth…..a kinder transformation…..a practice of humor, awe, and absorption……who or what buffers?

The greatest lesson I have learned is that the universal must be wedded to our immediate personal circumstances to be fulfilled in spiritual life. The human gate to the sacred is our own body, heart, and mind, our history and the closest relationships and circumstances of our life. If not here, where else could we bring alive compassion, justice, and liberation? We must first begin with ourselves. This personal approach to practice honors the timeless and mysterious dance of birth and death, and also our particular body, our particular family and community, the personal history and the joys and sorrows that have been given to us. In this way, our awakening is a very personal matter that also affects all creatures on Earth…..Jack Kornfield

when to look inside

Because we are not separate from the earth, we can turn our awareness of impermanence inward, and see that everything within is similarly ephemeral. Every sensation, sound, sight, feeling, mood, and thought we have is perpetually in motion. Seeing this fluidity means that we have infinite capacity to grow and change. We are not locked into who or what we are. If we can let go of our stories about how bad something might become, we will relieve ourselves of the heavy burden of anticipating how we will feel in the future. We can reflect on our most difficult experiences and note that, no matter how bad they were, they are no longer present. Change is the basic premise on which spiritual practice is based, as the movement to enlightenment is an expression of our ever-present potential to transform……Mark Coleman

2 thoughts on “how we find the forgotten scraps

  1. We deny ourselves as light, think that because we feel we are inside the darkness, that we have lost our light, lost the light… What mirror would show us the truth of our divine presence other than the reflection of our own light in another’s eyes… Enlightenment is discovering what we have denied for so long, possibly even lifetimes, we are and have always been light, and light is love …

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