what is fundamental?


Don’t try to understand. That will only make it more difficult. Don’t think about it. That will take you a million miles away. Just stop and feel it. Stop for a moment, breathe, and begin to notice the you who has no difficulty, the inner presence and stillness, the field of awareness. Every time your mind tries to carry you off by telling its stories of why suffering is justified, you can choose to see that it’s not true. You can begin to see that there really is no justified reason why we should be at war with what is. There’s no way to win this war. There’s no way out of it until we see that it’s all imaginary. Very difficult things have happened, and very difficult things may yet happen, but when we encounter them from a state of openness, we realize, bit by bit, that we have a capacity that we never knew was there. We come to know that there is a great reservoir of well-being even in the midst of incredible grief and loss…….Adyashanti

what is joy? what have we forgotten? what does it mean to balance? and sleep? and cloud watching? and cool sand or grass or moss? what is sacred here?

Nothing is separate.

All things are true. The wind through
the Spanish Moss tells me that this has
always been. I must keep my heart open
long enough for all things to mix until
the alchemy of Oneness softens my time
on Earth. If you take my hand when I’m
like this, we will know each other in a
way that will never leave us. Dipping
our face in each other’s heart, as we
would a stream we come upon deep
in the woods—this makes the tribe
strong. Enough to build something
out of nothing. Enough to love
what-is back into just what it is.

……Mark Nepo

basic needs?

One of the most essential aspects of this path- and,

interestingly, one that is very seldom mentioned

in traditional teachings- is curiosity, just wondering

what things are really like. Curiosity, coupled with

the desire not to be fooled (even though it’s very

comfortable to be fooled sometimes) but to try to get

a better and better understanding of the way things actually are.

The commitment to keeping curiosity alive takes a fair amount of work.

I think one of the greatest kicks in life is to look at very, very

young babies when their eyes open and they’re looking

around like, “Whoa, what is this place?” There is something

sacred and inspiring about that……Charles Tart

3 thoughts on “what is fundamental?

  1. Once we open our eyes as babies, the forgetting begins. The memories of all that was before we stepped into the falls are obscured by the light. We spend most of our young lives learning to be false, and if we are lucky, spend most of our adult lives learning that we gave up forever to come here to find truth …

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