old shoes & new shoes


Move through life in harmony with the flow
Wait, wait for the point of leverage
Wait until small action is capable of producing profound results
In harmony with the flow, use the flow
To multiply both your power and that of the Great Flow of Life
Waiting requires humility…….Roderick MacIver

waiting and being patient in our seat is not our first solution, and yet many times, our hearts tell us it is so….maybe a little rambling would teach us to be like shoes resting at the front door…..

For all of a sudden when I saw those lights, I said to myself; this is your life, this is your real life, and you are living it. Your life is not going to start later. This is it, it is now. It’s funny how a person can be so busy that they forget this is it. This is my life……Lee Smith

like a rose

This is really the crux of the matter: the contemplative hermit, far from closing his eyes and being dead to the world, opens them and becomes awake; far from blunting his senses, he develops a higher awareness and a deeper insight into the real nature of the world and of his own mind. And this shows him that it is as foolish to run away from the world as to run after the world: both extremes having their root in the illusion that the world is something separate from ourselves…..Lama Anagarika Govinda

4 thoughts on “old shoes & new shoes

  1. The Polynesian sailors to their culture were like our astronauts or aviators of today. They learned to read the surface of the sea, the movement of the wave to detect a storm or clear skies and fair winds a thousand miles away. The learned the movement of the star, the interconnectedness of all thing to allow them safe passage across vast expanses of ocean. So should we know we live in an ocean of life, and tho navigate safely takes patience, and the knowledge of waiting for the conditions of the waters to favor our voyage through …

    • like sitting in circles and calling on ritual…..how could we ever deny ancient wisdom? how could we not trust our inner knowing? may we listen……

  2. These quotes all speak to me. Waiting takes grace, recognizing the moment takes grace, bearing fruit takes grace. Grace comes only for the present moment. And grace comes from being grounded (at home) in God, living with the awareness that nothing is separate; we are literally all one body.

    Thanks again and again for finding and sharing what I know, yet forget and need reminding.

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