hearts fill & empty


A practice is any nontrivial activity that you engage in a long-term, patient, diligent way primarily for its own sake. If you, for example, grow roses, that could be your practice- if you love the roses, love the feel of the soil; if you love the beauty that you’re creating, and even if no one sees the roses, you still love it. For me, a practice is something that you do primarily for its own sake. Now, there’s a wonderful paradox there, for if you do it primarily for its own sake, you are more likely to win prizes and more likely to impress your neighbors. But we want people to love the activity, to be in it, to be in the present moment, to be centered, to be moment-centered. Not way out there- just here…….George Leonard

to carry all in the weightlessness of the heart…..how to survive….how to end the dog eat dog days……how to open to awe and sense clarity as the sun piercing through glass…..

What else encourages transformation? In addition to direct experiences of moments that are profound or surprising, we’re more likely to trust the reliability of our insights when they’re repeated. Repetition carries weight; at some point experiences reach a threshold at which they can no longer be ignored or denied. We’re all had experiences of the universe presenting something important to us again and again, until we finally take notice. On the other hand, depending on your state of mind, even one event can be enough. Our teachers told us that the most important things you can bring to the transformative table are your sense of adventure, an open mind, curiosity, and the intention to attend to potentially transformative moments- even to seek them out…..Marilyn Mandala Schlitz

the art of being

Nothing is so strong as gentleness,
nothing so gentle as real strength.
…..St. Francis de Sale

2 thoughts on “hearts fill & empty

  1. When the Shaolin Monks had achieved their goal they could walk on rice paper and leave no tears, and barely a mark. In the greatest strength there is a true gentleness, not the strength of a conqueror, but the strength of love that knows conquest comes through the heart knowing itself in its connection to all things …

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