bones of the soul

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When we are blessed with moments of illumination, we touch the sacred, something unspeakably vaster, more sublime, and more incomprehensible than anything we could know through our limited rational mind. These moments of depth are subtle, and are usually nameless and formless. We tap into a mystery that is silent, beyond description. These awakenings lead us to greater wonder, to a deeper love of all living things, and to the realization of just how little we know. While intellectual knowing on its own can rob us of this innocence and from the sense of exploration, our moments of grace can allow us to see just how vast and inherently intelligent this universe actually is, and how limited our understanding of it can be. In Values of the Wise, Jason Merchey notes that Albert Schweitzer once commented, “As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more mysterious.”…..Mark Coleman

to step outside, really outside…….like stepping out into clouds….like feeling roots come up through our feet….this is the kind of knowing that we can trust…..bones of the soul…..

What psychological resource—inner strength—if it were more present in your mind, would really help with this issue?

This is the key question. It can be interestingly difficult to answer, so an initial confusion or struggle with it is common. Clues toward an answer could come from exploring these questions:

*  What, if you felt or thought it more, would make things better?

*  What—if you had felt it more as a child, or whenever the issue began—would have made a big difference?

*  Does the issue ever get better for you—and if so, what factors in your mind (e.g., perspectives, feelings, motivations) help it be better?

*  Deep down, related to this issue, what does your heart long for?

There could be more than one resource, of course, but for simplicity and focus, it does help to zero in on just one or two key resources at a time.

Sometimes we need to grow an intermediate resource (e.g., capacity to tolerate feeling rejected, so that we are willing to risk experiencing that feeling) in order to get at the key resource we need to develop inside (e.g., inclination to ask for love)….Rick Hansen

to marvel in the sensuous

The human body is an amazing masterpiece. With the senses, we see, hear, taste, smell and touch the world, drawing its mystery inside us. With the mind, we probe the eternal structures of things. With the face, we present ourselves to the world and recognize each other. But it is the heart that makes us human.The heart is where the beauty of the human spirit comes alive….John O’Donohue


2 thoughts on “bones of the soul

  1. The heart, perhaps above all mysteries, is the place the poets explores with vigor, and earnest… Not because they want to, but because it’s calling is an enchantment, a dream within a dream, the eyes cannot look away from its beauty…

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