immeasurable trust

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Whether or not you know that you are beautiful,
the flowers gaze at you, whenever you walk by.

When your heart feels like stone
and you’ve lost sight of the gifts being given,
you are still held by the earth beneath you
and kissed by the breath of the trees.

You are wanted here.
You are part of this creation.
Let your hurts melt away in the waves
Let your cries be carried by the birds.
Earth, air, fire and water are the truth of you
and when you drop the veil and open to the greater You,
you will find your fullness in the valleys and the groves
and bow again to the sacred altar
of your natural soul.
…..Clare Dakin

oh, to trust the animals, the moss, the wind…….the innocence shines with the shadows that carry it…….lift hands to sky, skipping feet on the trail….

When people understand the living connections between things, great change is possible. Although meditation can seem like a practice that turns away from the world, it is not a way to avoid problems or difficulty. We meditate partly to have the strength to confront the challenges in our life and world. As you allow your meditation practice to grow, it naturally opens the heart and helps you to connect, feel, and care more deeply for the natural world. With practice, you can allow your own deepening awareness of your interconnectedness with all life to inform how you take action to protect that which you love and hold dear…..Mark Coleman

kissing the sun

The small pond….

A spring’s eye of shadow resists even the slightest flow.
Among tree shadow, its lit water adores warm clear skies.

Spiral of blades, a tiny waterlily is clenched against dew,
and there at the very tip, in early light, sits a dragonfly. …..Yang Wi-Li


2 thoughts on “immeasurable trust

  1. Life has a longing that existed long before the was a human will, one which came into and then out of alignment with it … When we know we are loved, not by others , though we may be, but by life, then purpose comes home to recast in our branches, like a Robin’s nest …

    • somehow we know what we know……this knowing is so much more than the rationale that defends it…..good to be so connected to the full soul…….like the poet’s knowing g.f.s….

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