real life matters

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There is no real excellence in all this world

which can be separated from right living.

…..David Starr Jordan

have we remembered to fully embrace the all? the flow? the making of our daily lives?…..

What would it look like to let Love be our guide today?

Perhaps it would not change what we do (there are always things to be done) but how we do them. Even the most mundane chore can become an expression of our appreciation for being alive. Sometimes cleaning the kitchen becomes a dance as we sing along to music we love; buying groceries slides into a constant prayer of gratitude to those who grow what nourishes us; cleaning the bathroom offers us a way to clear and quiet the mind.

And sometimes, when we are fully present we make ourselves available to the renewal that Love brings- sharing a task with a grumpy child and making them smile; really seeing the cashier and asking how his day is going; letting ourselves linger over the soup-making, slowing down and giving up on efficiency so Love can become an ingredient…..Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Compassion is our deepest nature.

It arises from our interconnection with all things.

…….. Jack Kornfield

2 thoughts on “real life matters

  1. How have we made up so many definitions for the one thing true in living ? Love is our foundation, our endurance, our unfolding … Time simply allows us to savor it if we will …

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