enriched & enmeshed

1-Pics for Blog Edits258

You and your shadow are forever present in this world.

You are that glorious Bird of Paradise.


look up…..look around…..and then close the eyes and open the heart…..here….yes, here….we find true self……

Just for today
I will allow my movement
To be shaped by my heart
I will not explain or defend
I will not apologize or seek to be understood
Just for today
I will walk softly, speak little, offer what I can
Just for today
I will let being what I am
Be enough.

…..Oriah Mountain Dreamer

the hunt for God

Sufism is, in a sense, beyond religion. It is the fruit of the sacred path. Jesus said that he was the vine upon which the fruit grows. What does that mean? The vine is the life-giving bond between the Source and the seeker. The guide is the vine connecting the soul to its own true self. In our tradition the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, is the original vine, including all his inheritors, and of course all the founders from every sacred tradition. The spirit of Jesus, peace be upon him, is intimately part of this vine, as his teachings are those of the inner path. Every true mystic Sheikh and Pir is this vine, and the dervish seeker comes to connect with it. At that point, the light of this mystic vine, which in this tradition we call the Nur Muhammad, begins circulating through the dervish and this one becomes the fruit. When the dervishes are ripe, really ripe, they are consumed by God. And when they are consumed by God they are ready to become themselves a vine.…..Sheikha Fariha

2 thoughts on “enriched & enmeshed

  1. The grapes that ripen for the press become the holy wine of communion with Spirit. This is the light that bears the fruit of love we awaken to when the vine has reached its height …

    • I find that I cling to nature to find balance…..otherwise, there’s a whirlwind around me continually……connecting to all that is Source…..to why we breathe…..to be whole…..no bindings, only love…..

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