what color draws us into a million shades?

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Artist and art critic Suzi Gablik has captured the necessary move that artists must make today if they are to grow with the rest of us from a modern to a postmodern era. She says, “Transformation cannot happen from ever-more manic production and consumption in the marketplace; it is more likely to come from some new sense of service to the whole- from a new intensity in personal commitment. the great collective project has, in fact, presented itself. It is that of saving the earth.” Thomas Berry says that we depend on nature’s diversity and marvelous beauty to sustain our souls and that to diminish beauty is to diminish the very nurturance of our souls and spirits. We are made to breathe in the intimacy of the rest of nature  and its awesome beauty. Without it we cannot survive. “The greatest of human discoveries in the future will be the discovery of human intimacy with all those other modes of being that live with us on this planet, inspire our art and literature, reveal that numinous world whence all things come into being, and with which we exchange the very substance of life.” The world is numinous, he is saying. It is charged with the glory of Divinity itself…..Matthew Fox

this time calls us to create with deep integrity, no frills, full of passion and all the struggles…..are we drawn to the task or are we watering down our hearts?

What makes your heart sing?
What nourishes you?
What makes you smile?
What makes you thankful?

When you stay with your path, regardless
Through the ups and downs
Spring follows winter
In a way so beautiful, you’ve forgotten
That spring follows winter.

Your path needs time
Time to come into its own
There will be bewilderment
From dark to light to dark to light
It is still your path
Despite bewilderment.

Surrender to the call
Both graceful and demanding

Devotion is wholeheartedness.
And therein lies the greatest joy.

….Fritz Hull

the crowded room

A tiny residue of human effort is lasting in art, in all creative endeavors. What makes the difference is deep interest, fascination, love. Love and focus lead to a dedication to nuances and subtleties—the hallmark of truly worthwhile work, work of unusual beauty……….Roderick MacIver

2 thoughts on “what color draws us into a million shades?

  1. The true business of life is art. When self expression replaces a hive mind that mimics its surroundings and plays to its contrived decorations, then the soul, through paint, music,, poetry, literature, or any other means finds an expression of truth, a reflection of the love that is the hearth upon which the fire was kindled. Art is the soul’s expression of its true light. Divinely incarnate, numinous …

    • my visual journaling has become a spiritual practice, simple and true……creating then is not something separate, not something I do, but part of how I can be here….like meditation…..I know you know your art as soul too g.f.s…..

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