can we accept our lives?


We cannot understand, love, and welcome others

without first knowing and loving ourselves.

~Jean Klein

these abstract barriers simply halt our hearts from the task at hand, to be with, to touch our images of love, to remind us that we are not who we think we are…..we don’t think it….we are….

A sense of spaciousness is a common marker of our inner knowing. In addition to feeling grounded, aligned, and openhearted, we often feel spacious when we are in touch with our deeper self. We can sense space in our minds and our bodies. As we learn to witness our thoughts like clouds passing through the sky and to disbelieve, or at least suspend, conclusions about their truth, we become more aware of a silent inner space. Likewise, as we intimately sense into our bodies, we will discover a profound sense of spaciousness inside and all around us. At some point we may recognize that not only are we immersed in infinite space, but we also are it.~John Prendergast

am I the heart, or is the heart me?

And softly, the images begin to flow- quiet poetic images. I see my heart. It has been pierced by a huge sword. I feel that this is my past, the suffering. But now, I am told, I’m here to soften the heart. But the heart is the threshold to all that I want- peace, harmony, knowing all things to be radiant. The heart must be allowed to soften, thence to shine. I pull the sword out of my heart- I feel like King Arthur pulling out the sword in the stone. I know that I hold knowledge in my hand, that the portal to the essence of my being has been suffering, the pierced heart. But now, to allow the true heart to shine and be radiant, the heart only needs to soften. Then the heart glows. It’s all I need. I say, “I don’t know why I, of all people, did not know that the small gesture is huge.” There is no so much I have to do. Access to the core of being is in the smallest gesture- the sitting down, the breath.~Candice (client, John Prendergast)

3 thoughts on “can we accept our lives?

  1. We cover up our heart, afraid of its feelings as if to protect ourselves from some imagined injury, some hurt yet unloved … How can life be growth with paring, as winter cleanses, so does spring renew … Lift up your hearts !

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