birthday daydreams

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Remember for just one minute of the day,
it would be best to try looking upon yourself more as God does,
for She knows your true royal nature.

~ Hafiz

here, right here, right now, on my birthday, there is only one name for this vibrant and steadfast clarity…….this is gratitude and her sweet promise… alight when needed……to carry the soul playfully, like brightly colored balloons against a new dawn…..

What sets my heart aflame? As Leo rules the heart, we’re pulled towards wanting to source our expressions, actions and feelings from the vital alembic of love during this time. Joy becomes our GPS, an inner compass from which we orient. During these weeks, our life becomes a canvas upon which we can paint the visions and inspirations that live within, casting them out with flair, fun, and perhaps a bit of Leonine fanfare. We’re drawn to art, whether making it or witnessing it, as a vehicle to stir and enliven our soul. During the month when the Sun is in Leo, the sign of the Sun God, we may find ourselves embarking on our own personal hero/ine’s journey. the Full Moon features the Moon in the socially oriented sign of Aquarius. Themes may revolve around individuals and their relationship to the collective. With the sun in Leo, our radiant hearts are set to the tune of self-love, developing self-confidence and our ability as creative, unique individuals to inspire those around us into their own form of creativity. As we do so, we all rise together, taking our seat as a unique and necessary contributor to the world we are making together.

In essence, our ability to self-love is directly related to our ability to envision a world and a world-view that thrives in harmony — not only in our human communities, but in communion with the wider world we live in.

The Leo New Moon provides us an opportunity to shine, to give birth to our visions of how we want to express and experience more heartfelt love and joy. ~Stephanie Gailing

birthdays love magic

All night I could not sleep

because of the moonlight on my bed.

I kept on hearing a voice calling:

Out of Nowhere, Nothing answered “yes.”

~Zi Ye

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