travelers to ancient lives

1-Pics for Blog Edits266I’m restless. Things are calling me away.

My hair is being pulled by the stars again.

~ Anais Nin

the unique shape of each life invites us to clarify the insoluble, and to let it go……reach for mystery instead…..

Bound by little domesticities into closeness with my mother, we were being held in an ancient pattern through which rain, gravity, sunlight move particles of earth, energy, spores, leaves, or water moves from one place to another, composing and decomposing life. It was this that struck me when the wind came up. The idea of a world creating itself through small chores. The universe as a place of constant cooking and cleaning, merging and separation. Plant life taking nourishment from earth, fusing with the bodies of animals. Air entering bodies, changing, reentering the atmosphere. Genes fusing, replicating, differentiating. At one moment, particles suspended in fields of energy and at another matter and energy existing as waves. Everything dissolving into the whole and then separating, resolving into being. In these months, I became acutely aware, as I never had before that I had come from my mother’s body. Then by the brief but transformational passage known s birth I emerged from this commingled state into being. Perhaps this is why one travels from union to diaspora and back again. That we are all one is true. And yet the differences among us are so crucial, determining fate, experience, perception, consciousness. Discerning, discernible being is at the heart of knowledge. Without difference and separation, there would be no meeting.~Susan Griffin

the idealized everyday life

To us,

each object is imbued with invisible fibers

of light that reach out into the universe.

~Alex Jacobs

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