how to fill from within


Self-knowing awareness

is like pure space.


maybe grace is the thing that calls us back to our feet when we lose our inner fire……maybe grace allows us a little wisdom when we can’t listen or forgive…….maybe grace lives in us no matter what……

The mind likes a simple yes or no, yet life presents itself in endless shades of gray. A creative response will be nuanced and unique for each situation. If we are unsure of our next step or puzzled by something, it is good to slow down and check inside for guidance. I have learned that there is an art to sitting with a question that catalyzes the emergence of a deeper intelligence. The first step is to clarify the question. What are you really asking? Take time to make it as clear as possible. Once you have formulated it, pose it to yourself and then be quiet. It is like dropping a stone into a pond- toss it in and then watch the ripples. Don’t look to your thinking mind for an answer. This is not an analytic process. Let your attention rest in your heart center. A response can come from any direction- a felt sense, a waking or dream image, an emotion, or a direct knowing. If the response feels resonant, act on it and see how it works out. ~ John Prendergrast

our surprising ways of being

There is more power in the invisible realm than we can ever imagine. The power of love, kind words, kind thoughts, and a compassionate response, are just a few of the different names we have for the energy of grace. Whenever you are in a bind or frightened, release the prayer, “Fill this moment with grace so that I can find my way,” and trust in the presence of grace from that moment onward. ~Carolyn Myss

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