we find each other here

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You’ve seen the sky outside,

but have you beheld the sky inside?

You’ve gazed out of thousands of windows

at the world that lies beyond,

but have you once peered within

at what lies beyond the world?

For years now

just look at how blind I’ve been,

stumbling repeatedly over the Divine

in the dim light of words!

searching frantically

for the doorway

in a wall-less room!

From this moment on

let me be a candle lit only by darkness;

a key that’s locked itself forever

out of inner and outer.

open or closed.

~Daniel Skack-Mills

there are so many ways we know what we know………each soul- dynamic, embodied, light and dark, receptive and longing……linger here and know……

Religion has always been a source of conflict in the world. It is, therefore, surprising for most people to hear that one of the reasons for the rise of religious intolerance, violence, and social prejudice in the world is the scarcity of spiritual guides. Spiritual guides, unlike religious leaders, teach by example and seldom by words. The function of a spiritual guide goes beyond reminding us by example to live in the present moment, be generous and act out of kindness. A guide also demands fundamental change from a follower- not only to remember to be kind more often but also instinctively to manifest only kindness. And herein lies the most important reason to have a spiritual guide: we cannot overcome our shortcomings by ourselves. We need help transforming into a better person- into someone who can exhibit divine character traits. If we are left to ourselves, we take the easy path of ignoring or even worse not seeing any flaws in ourselves. In this context, a guide can be anyone who helps us to overcome our shortcomings. ~Alireza Nurbakhsh

we don’t know why

This is what you need to know:

you need to know that otters wrap themselves

in seaweed so they won’t,

while sleeping at night, float out to sea-

Are you imagining this?

Can you see the otters actually doing this?

Does it break you heart a little?

Does it seduce you just a bit

Into loving more

this odd hard world?

Oh otters, wrap yourselves tight! And sleep,

exactly like you do, floating but seaweed-held

in our salty living waters! Oh otters,

wrap yourselves tight! And you,

the one who doesn’t, the one who doesn’t

tether himself down right,

we are with you as you float away,

we are with you as you sleep

and lose yourself in the night.

~Teddy Macker

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