a new view of our world

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I have a tremendous faith in the process of a human mechanism, and in creativity as an essential attribute of all human beings. This creativity is stimulated only when the sense organs are brought to life. This faith in the process is the only goal or purpose I need. What happens as a result creates and generates its own purpose. So I don’t question the purpose beforeheand; I’ve already accepted the process as the purpose. The process is the purpose; let it be, let it keep growing, and something will happen. And what happens generates its own purpose. ~Anna Halprin

when we fill our well with curiosity and the wild essence of our messy life we create possibility of discovery….we could not have imagined this with life in neat little rows…..

What really counts is to strip

the soul naked. Painting or

poetry is made as we make

love; a total embrace,

prudence thrown to the

wind, nothing held back.

~Joan Miro

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Some of the most timeless examples of creativity are those moments when hearts have been uncovered, when an individual has emerged who addresses those unique yet universal experiences that bind us together in the human condition. The uncovered heart reveals both vulnerability and strength. Its strength lies perhaps precisely in that ability to open itself to itself, with an elegance and grace that invites the hearts of others to do so too. ~Frank Barron

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