remembering our kindreds

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Unknown to us, there are moments
When crevices we cannot see open
For time to come alive with beginning.

~ John O’Donohue

kindred, listen…….what feeds your deepest knowing? who knows? and how?

It is a soul practice to gently bring our focus back to what is working in our life. When we pause and consciously put our attention on those things that have created goodwill, made us feel safe, peaceful and even joyful we open up to our own mind/body healing.

These are inevitably the small things in life. Those small, imperceptible things that can slip away unnoticed if we don’t catch them – like the moment of stillness in your out breath just before you breath in again, a warm shower after a long day, candle light, music, the comfort of your bed… you fill in the blanks. What nourishes you, what calms you?
Catching these small things and lingering in the reflection of how they made you feel is a spiritual practice – one of grace, of acceptance and appreciation.
When you take a moment to be grateful, grace grows.~Shushann

The soul, like the moon,
is new, and always new again.
And I have seen the ocean
continuously creating.
Since I scoured my mind
and my body, I too, Lalla
am new, each moment new.
My teacher told me one thing,
Live in the soul.
When that was so,
I began to go naked,
and dance.
~Lal Ded

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