move into harmony


To us, each object is imbued

with invisible fibers of light

that reach out into the universe.

~Alex Jacobs

wisdom within… witness what is happening may seem like giving up complete control, and it is……yet, it is not quite the whole story………we transform here where harmony never allows us to forget essence…..

Taoism is a radical affirmation of the trustworthiness of creation. It takes precedence even over the wisdom we seek, because wisdom itself can be made into an idol, perverted and objectified in a way that fosters great harm. Whenever we think we have something we can clutch or grasp in certainty, there is danger. It is good to have the affirmations of Lao Tzu who does not have our reactions about shedding conventional wisdom. “Drop humanity, abandon justice, And the people will return to their natural affections.” ~Greg Johanson

do you feel it?

All things arise from Tao.

They are nourished by Virtue.

They are formed from matter.

They are shaped by environment.

Thus the 10,000 things all respect Tao

and honor Virtue.

Respect of Tao and honor of Virtue are

not demanded,

But they are in the nature of Things.

~Feng & English

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