maneuvering the deep & empty well

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We experience our lives through our bodies whether we are aware of it or not. Yet we are usually so mesmerized by our ideas about the world that we miss out on much of our direct sensory experience. Even when we are aware of feeling a strong breeze, the sound of rain on the roof, a fragrance in the air, we rarely remain with the experience long enough to inhabit if fully. In most moments we have an overly of inner dialogue that comments on what is happening and plans what we might do next. Sincerely explore for yourself, are you here or not? Are you in your body or oblivious, or only aware of parts of it? ~Tara Brach

how can our body relate us to the heaviness of the world and then release us to peace? what is good and true? your eyes and breath invite beauty, invite nurturing and honest respect……

Western thought has changed so rapidly in this century that we are in a state of considerable confusion. Not only are there serious difficulties of communication between the intellectual and the general public, but the course of our thinking and of our very history has seriously undermined the common-sense assumptions which lie at the roots of our social conventions and institutions. Familiar concepts of space, time, and motion, of nature and natural law, of history and social change, and of human personality itself have dissolved, and we find ourselves adrift without landmarks in a universe which more and more resembles the Buddhist principle of the Great Void. The various wisdoms of the West, religious, philosophical, and scientific do not offer much guidance to the art of living in such a universe, and we find the prospects of making our way in so trackless an ocean of relativity rather frightening. For we are used to absolutes, to firm principle and laws to which we can cling for spiritual and psychological security. ~Alan Watts

God & fear & the night sky

Let go. Your eyes say, Just. Let. Go. there is nothing to fix. There is only the imperative to retract claws, and bravely inhabit the freefall. It’s not that you’re reaching out to catch me, or to tell me it’s all ok. It’s that- I see in your eyes- you are suspended next to me, inhabiting trust-in-God. I remember noticing the steam pouring up from a steam pipe in the middle of the road, an Indonesian volcano god majestically puffing up amidst the chaos. I noticed the birds swooping above and between the looming buildings, mocking their slate grey weight and self-importance with lightness and swift. I see and inhabit beauty in a blink. But it doesn’t change me within. It doesn’t release the iron jaws of worry, the buzzing hurry, the dull certainty that I am, we are, the world is spiraling down. Where are you in this? How can I access the energy that used to hold me aloft? When I turn I see, leaning against the side of a nearby building, a couple in embrace. She’s pressing her face to his, nose to nose, and he is pulling her long hair over his head, as if to keep him warm. They are not in a hurry. They are not affected by the swirl. Love is the stillness at the center, the campfire in the freezing desert night. That is you, glowing in the very heart of me. Your eyes tell me: Nothing lasts. But, they say God has made this fire, and you can stay here, with Love, with me, for good. ~Dani Kopoulos

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