what has no center?

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Longing is the transfiguration of aloneness, the defenseless interior secret core of a person receiving its overdue invitation from the moon, the stars, the hidden night horizon and the tidal flows of life and love. Longing is divine discontent, the unendurable present finding a physical doorway to awe and discovery that frightens and emboldens, humiliates and beckons, makes us into pilgrim souls and sets us on the road that begins in the center of the body, and then leads us out, like an uncaring invitation, like a comet’s passing tail, making us willing to give up a confining relationship, a perfect house, a paid for home and all our accumulated belongings and get out on the road again, closing the door as we leave. ~David Whyte

what changes and what remains cause us great shifts and deep movement within our quiet disconnections, in our foremost essence, and in how we express love……

The subtle core of the body is the source of the essential qualities of our being. Fundamental consciousness is experienced as clear, luminous space- an unbroken emptiness that pervades all of our experience. In the spiritual dimension, all of life is infused with emptiness or beingness, with a sentient luminosity, and with bliss. Tibetan Buddhism describes this dimension as having the qualities of emptiness, clarity, and bliss. The more realized we become, the more vividly we experience these three qualities pervading ourselves and our environment. The spectrum of all our essential qualities is present in the subtle core of the human body. We can describe these qualities as awareness, emotion, and physical sensation. ~Judith Blackstone

subtle infusions

Kabir says, Tell me, what is God?

He is the breath inside the breath.


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