open hearted strength

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With equanimity comes an awareness of the limit of our illusions of control. We can love and care for others, we can assist them, we can pray for them, but we cannot control what will happen. Nor can we control the actions or feelings of our children, our lovers, our friends, or our family. Equanimity shows us a wiser way to relate to the people in our lives, which is to love them unconditionally. And acting from this feeling of unconditional love, we can experience deep feelings of care and concern for them, but know that their happiness and suffering depend on their actions and not our wishes for them. It is not within anyone’s power to save the whole world, but it is within your power to add whatever you can, with a loving and caring and peaceful heart. You can tend the portion of the world that you touch, you can add a bit of beauty and understanding to the world, you can become the one calm person standing in the boat in a great storm or during an attack by pirates. And by doing so with peace and equanimity, you can show others that it is possible for them to do so as well. When you do, you will join with the forces of peace in the complex unfolding of life. And in that moment you will feel yourself to be one with the vastness from which you and all beings were born, returning to the silence that surrounds you in every moment of your life. ~Jack Kornfield

a languorous moon will invite a softer kindness…….from here we sit quietly to allow and to trust…….remember to live, to honor, to breathe

Your days pass like rainbows,

like a flash of lightening,

like a star at dawn.

Your life is short.

How can you quarrel?

~The Buddha

finding shelter here

It is pointless trying to know where the way leads.

Think only about your first step. The rest will come.
~Shams Tabrizi

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