who knows the right way?

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I have long admired an ambiguous statement of philosopher Michael Polanyi: “We know more than we know we know.” This dark saying is in contrast to Emanuel Kant’s self-confident proclamation in his Critique of Pure Reason: “All our knowledge begins with sense, proceeds thence to understanding, and ends with reason, beyond which nothing higher can be discovered in the human mind for elaborating the matter of intuition and subjecting it to the highest unity of thought.” Ludwig Wittgenstein, in his Tractatus Logica-Philosophicus, aded another dimension to a description of knowing: Wittegenstein said, “In order to know an object, I must know not its external but all its internal qualities.” Early on, however, the American transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson, in an essay on the French philosopher Mantaigne, had gloomily dashed hopes of knowing with a flat statement, “Knowledge is the knowing that we can not know.” We seem to agree that there are multiple ways of knowing, but what it is that we know and how we know that we know are questions still pending. ~Betty Edwards

our beautiful ways allow us to see how we grow, how we know, how we feed each other…….how does life keep moving and shifting? how do we accept and find our own way, just our own way to be?

It can be helpful to let ourselves imagine what it would be like to be at ease with the continuous flow of rising and falling. What would life be like without the compulsion to create a story, without the compulsion to defend and grasp and explain? Such imagining can inspire us.”Kindsight” is a beautiful word that describes the wisest approach to this work of releasing attention’s entanglement in our own narratives, this often stumbling and chaotic part of our path. Kindsight allows us to open into places in our heart where we were previously afraid to go. With kindsight, we heal. Healed, we let go. We surrender. Surrendering, letting go, we are just as we are. That is transcendence. ~Kathleen Dowling Singh

to become weightless

Finally I am coming to the conclusion

that my highest ambition is to be what I already am.

That I will never fulfill my obligation to surpass myself unless

I first accept myself,

and if I accept myself fully in the right way,

I will already have surpassed myself.

~Thomas Merton

4 thoughts on “who knows the right way?

  1. To belief must be added knowledge. This is the reason Aquarius follows Pisces through procession. Yet knowledge is more than the accumulation of facts, it is the allowing of connection to the greater voice, the music of the spheres, the Word written into the stone of which our bones are made …

    • and through intention and discernment we know, we can listen with greater depths, and we can connect our small selves into the whole….beautifully scripted g.f.s…..

  2. Merton speaks to my condition. Betty Edwards’ quotes and conclusion are too obscure for my tired mind today. I’m studying Ecclesiastes with a book by Rabbi Rami Shapiro. He boils it down to accepting the reality of the present moment without judging it as good/bad, happy/sad, bright/dark. Accepting everything in this moment: myself, others, pain, joy, beauty, ugliness….accepting the now, whole…….releases the grace, the transcendent in it.

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